Whether you’re looking for a rechargeable vape device or a tank system, you’ll find the Kado bar to be a perfect option for you. Their refillable vape pods come in a variety of flavors, and their customer service is unbeatable. You’ll be able to try before you buy, so you know that your flavor will be the right fit for your tastes.

Vape pods

Whether you are an ex-smoker, or you want to start vaping again, Kado Bar Vape Pods are a great choice. They are compact and discreet and provide a great mouth to lung vaping experience. They offer a variety of flavors that are delicious and aromatic.

The Kado Bar 5000 Puff Mesh Coil Disposable Vape is an extremely convenient device that provides up to 5000 puffs of flavorful vapor. It is very discreet, lightweight, and rechargeable. The device has a USB-C charger included, and it comes in a wide variety of flavors.

The Kado Bar 5000 puff disposable vape has an open airflow design with a mesh coil and a comfort-fit mouthpiece. It features a savory, juicy, and refreshing flavor that lasts through the day. The design is modern and discreet, and the puffs are smooth and monstrous. The pod contains a wide variety of mouth-watering flavors, including Cool Mint, icy menthol, and Fusion Fruit.

Rechargeable device

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or simply want to start vaping in style, Kado Bar has got you covered. The company isn’t short of impressive offerings, but there’s one in particular that stands out from the crowd. Among its many offerings, the 5000 puffs a day, 650mah battery powered, box style device is perhaps the most impressive.

This high tech, low maintenance e-cig delivers a well rounded, flavorful and satisfying vapor. Designed to be simple to use, the 5000 puffs a day unit boasts a sleek design and comes with an accompanying USB-C charger, making the whole experience a breeze. The aforementioned device is powered by a high-capacity internal battery that automatically activates when you inhale. The aforementioned device also comes pre-filled with salt-based e-liquid, meaning you’ll never run out of juice. The company’s aforementioned 650mah device is compatible with all wattage configurations, which makes it perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced vaper.


Despite the fact that Kado bar is not the latest fad, it’s still worth a look, especially if you’re looking for a stylish and efficient disposable vape. It has the best of both worlds: an integrated rechargeable battery and a 14mL prefilled pod to boot. With an estimated 5000 puffs, you’ll be ready to take on the puggles in no time at all.

The Kado bar 5000 Puffs Rechargeable Pod Vape may be a little overpriced, but its futuristic design, high performance battery, and innovative coil technology make it a winner. The company is also offering a free shipping special. So, if you’re in the market for a new vape, check out the Kado bar 5000 Puffs Vape and get a free shipping deal.

Among the various features, the most noteworthy is the battery, which provides enough juice to last you through the night. The best part is, the device is rechargeable, thanks to a USB-C charging port, so you don’t have to worry about running out.